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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ




Question: How do the signs from rust (such as rain, irrigation or melt water) are protected?
Answer: Our plant labels are protected by a zinc layer from weather and rust. It's the same principle as a zinc watering can or a zinc gutter.

Question: How durable are the labels and what they hold out?
Answer: Our claim is that we want to offer you both attractive and highly durable solution for years. Since we are happy gardeners and very satisfied users of our products, we understand the unique requirements that are of a good planting label. Moderate impact with garden tools, watering, frequent repositioning, frost, heat and wind, etc. cannot do anything.

Question: Is there a way to remove the permanent marker writing again
Answer: We recommend in this case ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (available at pharmacies). Use a soft cloth or a cotton pad usually permanent marker dissolves very well on different surfaces.

Question: Are the signs UV resistant?
Answer: The signs are UV resistant. By using our permanent markers, we also have high UV resistance.


Question: Can you engrave the labels?
Answer: A professional laser engraving is possible.